Dark Green Candy Concentrate Powder


25 Grams of Dark Green Candy Concentrate Powder (dissolves in reducer) Not for water based paints. Treats 1 gallon of sprayable clear easily. 5 gram quantities also available.


What is a Dark Green Candy Concentrate?

It is a powder that dissolves COMPLETELY in paint to give a True Candy colored transparent paint. Candy paints originally got their names from rock candy. It has color, but you can see right through it. It has been a staple of custom paint for years, but now we can help you make your own without a bunch of paint shipping and extra storage.

We can ship our Dark Green Candy Concentrate anywhere in the world. If you have paint and a good reducer / Thinner, you can make candy paint just like the stuff sold at the big manufacturers.

Here is how it is done: if you have a paint that takes a 1:1 ratio of reducer to clear paint, then you have what you need to make candy paint. One of our 25 gram Bags will produce a gallon of sprayable Candy Paint. Watch your ratios! A little bit goes a long way. Pre measure the amount of REDUCER you will be using. Let the appropriate amount of Candy Concentrate soak into the reducer for at least 30 minutes, and stir occasionally. Strain your newly colored reducer into your actual base coat clear or binder. Mix and spray.

If you have any reservations about whether our products work in vehicle dip, you should know that we were the pioneers who introduced Plasti Dip Pearls to the world.

Be sure to top-coat with a high-solids clear. This is very important because all candies have been known to have less of a tolerance to UV rays than pearls, candies, or metallics. The more coats of topcoat clear, the longer the candy paint will last. Some painters have used as many as 16 coats of clear! Visit our FAQ page for  more answers to your questions, or contact us, we are always ready to answer questions.

Dark Green Candy Concentrate: Looks great when sprayed over reflective silver, gold, and metal flakes. Makes perfect candy tinted paint. Will work in most reducers (not Naptha). Attention: Powders appear different in the bag than when mixed (like the dark green looks blue in the bag).

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Dark Green Candy Concentrate Powder
Dark Green Candy Concentrate is enough to make an entire gallon of sprayable candy paint, which is completely transparent.
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