Faux Finish TIps


Candy and pearl powders are great for creating incredible interior decorating FAUX FINISH effects in your home or business. Check out our Faux Finish Tips:

  • TIP#1- Faux finish glaze with pearl or Candy powdered pearl pigments is super-hot right now. It is achieved by mixing pigment into clearglaze or water-based polyurethane, and applying it to the existing latex paint on the wall with a brush. USING A ROLLER OR A SPRAYER DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF FAUX FINISH, SO use sponges, rags, brushes or any other faux finish technique that you are familiar with.
  • TIP#2: One bag of our Candy or pearl pigment will treat up to a gallon of glaze or clear poly, but it is advisable to mix it about a quart at a time to get your desired consistency.
  • TIP#3: Pick a base color that your pearled Candy FAUX FINISH will look good over. A flattering base color makes all the difference. For instance, a blue ghost pearl would look nice over a light blue or grey paint. A gold pearl looks nice over reds, greens, oranges, or browns. Experimentation is the key.
  • TIP#4: Applying a little pearl faux finish over white or black latex paint can create a great custom paint effect! Our flip colors are designed to paint over black, so getting color changing results depends on applying several coats over a black base. Our Caribbean Gold Colorshift Pearl has been used in theater to create backgrounds that resemble realistic water.
  • TIP#5: Making your white walls look like pearl is simple by using a white or silver pearl in glaze over your paint. We plan on releasing many more pictures soon displaying the uses of pearls in your home finishes.


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